YME Appreciates Oklahoma Teachers at Thunder Game!

It’s been another great event sponsored by the YME Foundation and several sponsors!  Oklahoma teachers are nominated for the VIP treatment, having received skybox tickets to watch the Thunder / Laker game, spa gifts, chocolate, flowers, brittle candy…and more. 
Click the picture to read more and to watch the videos of teacher appreciation.

Children Shouldn’t Feel Unprepared.

Society is changing at an unprecedented rate. Schools try their best, but are lacking funding, resources and support for teachers, and updated educational methods. This leaves little room for students to discover their talents, learn healthy work ethics, and develop noble character. According to a YouthTruth study, half of our teens graduating high school feel unprepared for college or a career. With a lack of purpose and direction in their lives, how will our children reach their full God-given potential?

Let’s Empower Children to Reach their Full Potential.

We Are Devoted Parents

YME’s board members worry about the future of our children like all parents do, but our passion for youth and education extends far beyond our own families to all children in our community.

We Are Passionate Professionals

As dedicated professionals, our board serves our youth and community in a variety of roles: a math teacher, pastor, an environmental educator, an organizer of student community leadership and service, and an advocate for minorities in education.

Our Supporters

The Plan

Work Study Program

Our work study program allows students to safely explore various vocations and discover which ones they are passionate about and want to pursue. In addition, we will partner with local businesses and organizations to offer volunteer opportunities, internships, and entry-level jobs to youth. When students reach employment age, and after an allotted amount of time in the work study program, they will be placed in jobs with local businesses. This work study program offers students a chance to learn skills outside of the classroom and gives businesses an opportunity to hire young people with more training.

Innovative Revenue Generators

Limo Business--Driving in Style

Thanks to a local businessman donating his entire limousine business, YME students will learn vehicle detailing and maintenance. Participating students will be trained to serve as a chauffeur. Dressed in a tux, they will open doors for passengers and usher customers to their destination. 100% of the profit from those who hire our services goes to the foundation.

Real Estate--Support YME Through Home Sales

This program is for anyone looking to buy or sell a home and wants to donate to YME without even writing a check! When you contact YME and ask about the YME Real Estate Referral Program, you will be connected to a Real Estate admin who is also a licensed Real Estate Agent. Our admin will match you to one of our preferred local agents, who all have a heart for helping their community and agree to donate back to help support the YME Foundation.

Once we establish a headquarters and our first school, we plan to add even more revenue generators!


Coffee Shop--Empowering Espresso

Enjoy the great outdoors inside as you sip your sustainably-harvested espresso and tea surrounded by trees and plants tended to by horticulture students. You can relax knowing you're helping empower children to explore and develop their talents. All the proceeds from the sales of the coffee shop, including the flowers and plants, will go to fund YME and our community projects.

Daycare--Molding Future Mentors

Our full-time daycare program will combine education with fun and give participating students an opportunity to learn how to care for younger children with adult supervision! Student mentors from the school will read to the children as well as interact with them while gaining valuable serving and management skills.

Youth Building--Sharing the Fun

Our youth building will be equipped with everything a young person needs to have fun and we intend to share it with the community. It will be available to rent for concerts, worship nights, battles of the bands, teen birthday parties, and church groups with proceeds supporting YME and the school.

Ignite Learning. Fuel Purpose.


Prayer is that priceless gift anyone can afford. The more we pray for this vision and for God to direct decision-makers, the more powerful God can move. Join us by setting your alarm to pray for 1 minute at 7am and 7pm every day for YME, our community, youth, teachers, and all of education’s decision-makers.


You can make a difference by donating today! Your contribution gives students opportunities to discover their passions and lead a life filled with purpose so they can impact communities for generations to come. Giving is easy. Choose to donate your business, a percentage of your business’ profits, a one time gift, monthly, or any way that suits you. No gift is too small, and everything will be used to further our mission. Don’t hesitate!


Business owners can partner in our work-study program by investing in student interns for training and future employment. By becoming a preferred business partner and actively participating in this program, not only will you fuel a youth’s passion, but you will be fulfilling the YME vision preparing the next generation to find purpose in contributing to their community.


Sometimes donating your time and talent is the best way to support our vision. Though there are several areas that need volunteers, we promise you will use your talents and strengths to do something you enjoy and find meaningful. After all, that’s the YME’s mission.


Help make our vision go viral! Post about the YME Foundation. Tell your friends and network groups about how we’re providing the vision and tools for the community to empower our educators, and engage our children! Become an active part of our mission, and share today.

Without innovative educational methods, today’s youth will coast through their education aimlessly and graduate without exploring different vocational opportunities or discovering their talents. Presently they enter college or the workforce unfocused and unsure of the path they want to take in life. Without generous support from the community, our youth will fail to reach their full potential, waste their God-given talents, and succumb to a life lacking satisfaction, purpose, or contribution.

But through mentoring and innovative approaches designed to engage children, students will explore and discover new passions, learn and develop useful skills, and find purpose for their future. Through your support, we will build a generation of innovative problem solvers with strong work ethic and noble character who feel confident of where they belong in society and have a passion to contribute to the community and change the world.